Wednesday , July 18 2018

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Here Is Your WIRED Star Wars Challenge for Day 158


Click to Open Overlay Gallery Lucasfilm For the seemingly interminable wait until Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters, we’re helping pass time by giving you daily challenges related to everyone’s favorite universe. When you complete a task, send us a tweet @WIRED or tag us on Facebook. Got a …

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What Made This University Researcher Snap?


Did Amy Bishop’s slowly roiling psychosis go unnoticed in a culture of science and academia that celebrates eccentricities? Photo: The Huntsville Times/Landov Update 9/12/2012: Amy Bishop pleaded guilty Tuesday to three counts of attempted murder and one count of capital murder of two or more victims, withdrawing her early plea …

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How to Get to Mars … And Maybe Even Live There


Click to Open Overlay Gallery MASSIMO DALL’OGLIO There’s something about the Red Planet—so close yet so far, inhospitable yet perhaps not totally uninhabitable—that keeps us dreaming about getting there one day. Here’s what that trajectory might look like, from the fictional world of best seller The Martian (now a film …

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