Wednesday , July 18 2018

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Russian Missiles Targeted at Syria Crashed in Iran


Tessa Berenson @tcberenson 3:02 PM ET TASS/ITAR—Corbis Pictured in this video screen grab is the Caspian Flotilla of the Russian Navy firing Kalibr cruise missiles against remote Islamic State targets in Syria, a thousand kilometres away, Oct. 7, 2015. This was the first time the cruise missiles had been fired …

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More Sex Increases Chance of Conceiving (But Not Why You Think): Study


Alexandra Sifferlin @acsifferlin 9:55 AM ET Elizabeth Renstrom for TIME More sex means a woman’s immune system gets the message that it’s time to reproduce, a new preliminary study suggests. More Coping With the High Cost of Infertility How High-Tech Baby Making Fuels the Infertility Market Boom The Future of …

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Speak and Spell: How Dictation Software Makes Us Rethink Writing


Click to Open Overlay Gallery Zohar Lazar If I’ve written you an email on my phone lately, you might have noticed something slightly off about it. It doesn’t read like email from me used to. I use fewer contractions, fewer adverbs, and I’m more likely to ramble.What’s changed is that, …

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