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Sports will become a Membership Site!

We at would like to thank everyone for their support. Due to the High Number of SPAM Post request. We have decided to make our website a membership site. This will help reduce SPAM and protect our content. Starting AUG. 15, 2016 everyone will be required to start a …

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How to Make Pumpkin Pie


The ultimate autumn dessert At a recent photo shoot, a few of us were standing around lamenting that we don’t have a go-to pumpkin pie. Or that our go-to is so involved that it’s more akin to an awkwardly choreographed square dance, and stresses us out and furrows our faces …

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What Made This University Researcher Snap?


Did Amy Bishop’s slowly roiling psychosis go unnoticed in a culture of science and academia that celebrates eccentricities? Photo: The Huntsville Times/Landov Update 9/12/2012: Amy Bishop pleaded guilty Tuesday to three counts of attempted murder and one count of capital murder of two or more victims, withdrawing her early plea …

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More Women Are Getting the IUD and Implant for Birth Control


Alexandra Sifferlin @acsifferlin 12:16 PM ET Photo Illustration by Mia Tramz for TIME; Corbis New survey data shows that long-acting contraceptives are increasingly popular American women are increasingly opting for the most effective forms of birth control: an intrauterine device (IUD) or an implant, new data shows. A new report …

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Is It Elitist to Sit in the Back of an Uber?


Click to Open Overlay Gallery Christoph Niemann “This is a matter purely of conscience; it has no perplexing side issues. It is a moral question in all its aspects.” So said Henry Bergh, a wiry radical with greasy hair and a walrus mustache, in a speech to New Yorkers in …

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103 Must-Follow Feeds in Science, Culture, Design, and More


e greatest and worst thing about the Internet is how much amazing stuff it has to offer. Websites, tweets, Instagrams, podcasts, newsletters—it’s a tsunami of awesome, threatening to drown you in mind-expanding revelations. Venture into this informational vortex with caution. Seek guidance—ours. What follows is the most comprehensive collection of …

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