Wednesday , July 18 2018
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admin will become a Membership Site!

We at would like to thank everyone for their support. Due to the High Number of SPAM Post request. We have decided to make our website a membership site. This will help reduce SPAM and protect our content. Starting AUG. 15, 2016 everyone will be required to start a …

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How to Make Pumpkin Pie


The ultimate autumn dessert At a recent photo shoot, a few of us were standing around lamenting that we don’t have a go-to pumpkin pie. Or that our go-to is so involved that it’s more akin to an awkwardly choreographed square dance, and stresses us out and furrows our faces …

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Don’t See Steve Jobs Without Reading This First


Here’s a helpful guide to the film’s most important characters Steve Jobs, the new Aaron Sorkin-written, Danny Boyle-directed film about the late Apple co-founder, is out Friday, Oct. 9. The film is split into three acts, each centered around a different product release helmed by Jobs—the Macintosh in 1994, the …

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This Selfie Stick Comes With the Camera Built-In


Susie Poppick @susiepoppick 2:31 PM ET Artur Debat—Getty Images/Moment RF A handheld stabilizer helps you up your selfie game. DJI, the Chinese company churning out consumer-priced, camera-equipped drones, has just announced a new product in its lineup: A $650 camera with a handheld stabilizer that doubles as a selfie stick. …

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Russian Missiles Targeted at Syria Crashed in Iran


Tessa Berenson @tcberenson 3:02 PM ET TASS/ITAR—Corbis Pictured in this video screen grab is the Caspian Flotilla of the Russian Navy firing Kalibr cruise missiles against remote Islamic State targets in Syria, a thousand kilometres away, Oct. 7, 2015. This was the first time the cruise missiles had been fired …

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Here Is Your WIRED Star Wars Challenge for Day 158


Click to Open Overlay Gallery Lucasfilm For the seemingly interminable wait until Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters, we’re helping pass time by giving you daily challenges related to everyone’s favorite universe. When you complete a task, send us a tweet @WIRED or tag us on Facebook. Got a …

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